Motorized Control Valves

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Motorized Control Valves

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Control valves are used to ensure precise control performance of the temperature level in the heating system which provides proper end-user comfort in the building. In energy efficiency terms, optimal performance of temperature control can lead to decreasing heat loss and therefore reduced CO2 emissions. Good control ratios and rapid response times to changes in domestic hot water supply requirements are just some of the features needed to ensure optimum control performance.

Regulatory valves
Regulatory valves – Terminal & Zona
Regulating valves – Remote heating valves
Regulating valves – Heating and cooling (2-stroke)
Regulating valves – Heating and cooling (3-stroke)
Regulating valves – Coupling valves
Rotary & Mixing Valves
Rotating butterfly valves
Actuators for control valves – district heating
Actuators for control valves – heating and cooling
Actuators for control valves – terminal & Zona
Actuators for control valves – vapor
Drives for rotary valves